Adventures in faux foreskins for phalloplasty

So, with current medical science, they can’t make us a ftm phalloplasty foreskin. If foreskin is a deal breaker for you, you probably should look into metoidioplasty or perhaps consider skipping glansplasty. For me, I really wanted a foreskin, but it’s just not how my apples became a pie.

Therefore, like any good trans person, when lacking a body part I wanted, I bought a prosthetic one;) This one is made by Pipedream and comes with their uncircumcised dildo/prosthetic. I love that toy because the foreskin moves when it’s workin’! And, as I discovered, the foreskin is detachable… My little dirty gears went grinding, and I thought I might try the hoodie on.

Side by side of my 1.5 years postop healed phalloplasty dick next to the Pipedream prepuce. Forreskins are sexy to me.

A little lube, and she’s on!

Such gender euphoria. What do you know, it also makes for a very fine stroker. Best one I’ve used yet. Much like the real foreskin… Glidey! The hole at the tip isn’t as stretchy as the real thing, so my head can’t pop through quite as satisfyingly, but just to be in it is a lot of fun.

Have I ever mentioned I have been docking with a friend? We put our cocks head to head, and he stroked his foreskin over my penis so they were both in the same, like, flesh sheath together. It was good times, would recommend this homophobe-derided ultragay practice 🙂

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