Video: trans phallo erectile implant! show & tell

So, here’s a quick video of me showing how the firmness and dimensions change with the Coloplast Titan erectile implant / erectile device implanted in trans phalloplasty. Because of the floppiness, it can sort of shrink down smaller than it actually is, and the pump stretches it to the fullest dimensions.

When it is flaccid I can squeeze the flesh to about half the diameter, but when it is hard only the outermost skin will slide a bit on the cylinder (just like a natal cis male or trans female penis over the corpora) but not really give when squeezed. You can also see how it gets a little lift when erect. I’m getting better at it! I squeezed the deflate button three times here so people could really see how to find it (omg “can’t find the Coloplast Titan button” at first is a real problem, but you get the hang of it once swelling goes down).

I’ve had no real issues with it, and I really like it. It’s quite comfortable day to day, even the pump bulb which was initially very sore and had the skin really stretched around it. That’s loosened up, and I enjoy pumping up to an erection every day. It feels natural to me.

Btw can I suggest two lubes for solo play? “Wicked Creme masturbation cream for men” and the “Master Series Jizz cum scented water based lube”. Fun!

although they should rename the Wicked Creme to “for dicks”. So you can act like a peeved a type while you buy it BUT it will be more inclusive *and* precisely labeled for its use.

and don’t ever do a line break in the middle of “Master Series Jizz cum scented water

based lube”

Or people will have a horrifying multisensory lifestyle water brand in their heads. It’ll be a huge distraction from the… matter at hand.

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  1. Hey bud! My biggest curiosity / ‘goal’ with getting phalloplasty is being able to penetrate, while still feeling pleasure on my ‘old equipment’ (i.e my T-dick). So question: When you are penetrating, can you feel a good amount of sensation on your ‘T-dick’? Thank you.

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