Stretchy scrotoplasty! + Balls healed so well.

UMmmm in my transition, long before i felt safe expressing I wanted a penis, I knew I wished I had a ball sack. I wanted a stretchy one. It is the part I most looked forward to. With no shame, I wanted “wrankly low hangers”. For all of you translating this page, that is a country Texas kind of way of saying a wrinkly scrotum with low hanging testicles– say that in whichever lusty country dialect would make you feel like you just climbed out of a sexy trans romp in the hay.

Voila! A year and change after so-called FTM trans scrotoplasty, it is getting more limber.

The one on my right is the pump for my erectile implant. The one on the left is the Torosa silicone. I have no tattooing on my ball sack; that’s all natural pigment. I love the way Dr. Coon linked a central upper part of the scrotum to the base of my penis! I was worried they would feel discrete from one another. No, they’re a package.

It seems to get stretchier over time as I play with them more. I like to shave the “sideburns” on the outer flanks of the balls, because it is thicker there than on the rest of the balls. That’s not abnormal for hairy men, but I cherish this little haute couture handbag so much I want a good look at it. I don’t think this is something only men and nonbinary folx who want phalloplasty deal with. The sideburns, not the ball cherishing.

And before you ask, I have been teabagged, and it was exquisite. *Sips champagne* Since it’s on a pedicle, I have very good original sensation there, and it is a marvelous interlude or apertif to other courses.

While we are at it, when I’m topping, the pressure smacks on the scrotum are… *Clinks glass to toast the cheers* even better than being smacked by balls, because you get the 3-d sensation on all the sides of the nuts. Mmm!

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