STP without urethral lengthening? : post-op phalloplasty adventures

First of all, I talk way too much about how I don’t mind sitting to pee. I really don’t. I reach my 10 hr stand goal by 2 or 3 pm, so a chance to sit down for a second is extremely welcome. All our bathrooms are single person, so I just chill a moment.

Until I was on campgrounds last week. The toilets there were… Nothing I would ever set my fine hiney on. I was wishing I had urethral lengthening at that moment just for the convenience!

Body recap,

  • The innie part and outer company: I have a vagina and vulva sans labia majora. My 1″ clitoris/natal dick is in the natal position, not moved. No uterus or ovaries.
  • I pee from my perineum where I always have peed.
  • The outie parts: My 6″ penis from trans phalloplasty with glans, scrotum, erectile implant, and testicular implant are forward of the innie parts.
  • I’m 18 months postop from Devin O’Brien-Coon at Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • I am nonbinary and from Texas. Hence, my handle “enbytex”.

Lay of the land–

Standing naturally, when my balls are lifted, my pussy is still discreet. (I know, trans masc faux pas to say pussy… But the last year or so since bottom surgery I like the term again. Dysphoria and euphoria are weird.)

When my legs are fairly splayed and I lift REAL good, you can see my hood and minora inside this like… Full body halo where one would expect majora. Let me tell you, it is so easy to shave around that now! So I can show if I want to. The point– this is where I would rest a stand to pee cup.

So I got myself a… Hold on. The name is the worst. But it’s the longest produced one, a favorite from the United Kingdom.


Okay, cringing almost done——

One more cringe–

Okay, I’m good.

I shall thenceforth call it my TheyWee. I got it online fairly inexpensively. This is the bendy one that has a wider mouth. It’s rubbery. I also got the extender tube for getting through more clothing (and it can be trimmed if you feel like there’s a baby giraffe climbing out of your pants).

So. My question was does this doohickey even work post scrotoplasty? Yes, but here’s the change. I gather the squared off section would normally sit a bit higher, because now the pointy end is cupping my asshole in… a very lecherous way. Like, an “Unhand yourself from the maid, Lord Grantham!” moment. But the maid is cool with it… Because I was indifferent about the shifted back position. Glad I got the rubbery TheyWee.

So that’s when I’m in a full squat, so you can See how it rests up in there.

Check how private. Like I really had to get my angle in to see it. You could even offset your penis to one side to make sure person on your right or left couldn’t see anything.

Wow, I have reached a new level of internet overshare. Here’s a gif of me peeing. I mean, it is significant that there’s no peehole in my penis, and if I want to stand up and pee at the rare at the portapotty, gas station, or apocalyptic situation, I’m proving I can do it.

How precious is this. I can even rest my penis on or over the exit and enjoy the view of pee leaving by the tip of my penis. Metaphorically, I wouldn’t MOVE to STP-town, but I don’t mind traveling to STP-town for a quick visit.

Pretty sure this would pass super well if need be.

Easy cleanup afterward, no spills, which I attribute to the good design for a seal with minimal effort.

Would I use it every day? No. But it would be great to have on occasion. And now we know STP devices are compatible with pussy taint post-op. My chassis, anyway. ♥️

This pould work for some people who had a urethral lengthening complication during phalloplasty, or ppl who opted out of UL, but they also want the STP functionality without having yet another dick. Although, can you imagine if you had your flesh dick and a fancy STP prosthetic all at once, whippin’ ‘m out like a hung and doubly-gifted joy to behold? It’s a nice image.

TheyWee, 4.5 stars. Ease of use, great; material, great; price, great: design, okay-to-good for my body but a little long for me in the undercarriage.

Yikes, I actually posted a clip of peeing. Promise never to blackmail me? Hahaha.

6 thoughts on “STP without urethral lengthening? : post-op phalloplasty adventures”

  1. Honestly, I really appreciate this, thank you. My urethra won’t be “hooked up” until stage 2 under the surgical team I am going to, but I do not enjoy sitting to pee in public. I appreciate being able to STP now, pre op. I was worried about what I would do when I was newly post op, also wanting to protect my delicate new weenus, but still needed to pee at work or elsewhere, and didn’t need an entire prosthetic dick in my pants too! But it seems I will have options. I will have to find a theywee for myself and test it out. Thanks for the openness.

  2. I commend you for writing this all down for us to see! I also seek bottom surgery that isn’t necessarily the most “trying to be the most conforming” package and I identify as genderqueer, so I am getting metoidioplasty… but just clitoral release & urethral lengthening. I had a lot of growth and that’s all I need. I wanted to keep everything else and have a sort of “ambiguous” or “in-between” look to everything, while being able to perhaps STP or sit or at least pee with more control when I want and also erect freely.

    I loved reading your story. It’s important to see more “patient”-centric accounts of phalloplasties out here, especially ones that are less run of the mill, for lack of a better phrase? I feel you there. You rock it. Much love from me, and best of luck to you!

  3. Its good to keep the vagina and have the best of both. How freaking erotic! Being a woman from birth, I find this very sexy, more than being a reassigned man alone. HOT! Having a clit and vagina to receive underneath double action. Can you still have a female orgasm too? 🙂

  4. You need a handicap bathroom so you can meat spin your corn dog in there. No one is “passing” at a mens urinal. You’re trying to stare at the ceiling in the uncomfortable event that 2 men are using a urinal next to one another when you “really have to go”. We dont care what you have going on down there. If you’re life is consumed by your junk youre probably a Hylic. The rest of us toilet time is an annoyance of bodily function. We’re not checking out each others dicks. Maybe youre peeing at a gay bar or something? When we’re talking toilet time , for me, I like to stand on top off the toilet spin around in a circle and pee on the walls. Its part of my identity and the rest of you need to be more accepting of it.

  5. Dear lord, The Doctors you all need to be talking to are Psychiatrists, not surgeons. Refer the surgeons too, actually

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