Trans scrotoplasty, no vaginectomy pre-op to post-op collage

I am posting this to highlight a few things about transgender scrotoplasty:

  1. You don’t have to have huge labia majora to have space for implants
  2. I find the aesthetics of the vulva with labia moved to scrotum to be positive with minimal scarring
  3. I drew over my vulva pic to show how the VY scrotoplasty is performed. The two lower black triangles flip upward to be the center of the scrotum, and the outer blue section remains in place, continually connected to the black as it flips, then joins in the middle.
  4. The vaginal opening does gape when my legs are wide apart or up. I find it appealing. I have not had any issues with this, as the labia minora keep the urethral area protected I’m every day movement.
  5. It has not changed the experience of penetration in negative ways. I find the new opportunities for scrotum and penis friction enjoyable 😇
  6. I’ve spent time tugging the scrotum more or less daily to get this flexibility over the last year.
  7. Some people opt to remove the minora. I had some dysphoria about them in the past, but now that they are serving the role of protecting me from UTIs and aren’t much visible unless I show them, and also taking in the pleasure component, I believe I’ll keep them. I did not opt to move my tdick/natal tissue, so it is in its natal position. I like it there out of my sight but available to stimulation. Others have it buried below the penis, below the scrotum, outside between the penis and scrotum, outside on the scrotum and like that too.

I had seen no images of what this would look like prior to surgery, and I hope this is a useful visual. Your body’s spacing and size particulars will likely change the way things end up.

You can link people to this who might need it, but please don’t share my images themselves other places:)

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