Arm healing collage 0-18 months RFF phalloplasty

Y’all it has been a JOURNEY healing up from this. I’m not even religious much and I want to shout out a Hallelujah, God is good, just seeing how much it has improved since i, you know, had no skin at all? I have no swelling or pain of any kind. The skin texture is different, and you can see something happened there, but it’s not like scar like it used to be.

I’m just saying Dr. Coon does amazing work. This is not just because I heal well or anything like that– actually I don’t, and I have a hypertrophic scarring condition. Occupational therapists helping me take care of scars at Hopkins do excellent work.

I had such bad dysphoria by the time I had surgery that I wouldn’t have cared if I had given my entire arm for phalloplasty, but it’s been a pleasant surprise that his approach to gender affirming care takes into account the aesthetics to such a degree. There’s nothing better to me than a kind, humble, skilled doctor who is also a perfectionist.

I get super offended when people talk about transgender people having to accept “huge and disfiguring scars” to have trans phalloplasty. You know, I don’t feel disfigured. I feel rebuilt. And I’m okay if that leaves a few marks. All the better to tell a story.

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