My darling: Healed vaginoplasty, GRS 10 years post-op

My spouse has been celebrating that this phalloplasty blog of mine has been able to help so many people get information about phalloplasty. We did a bedroom photo shoot of her bottom surgery results, to share. There are not many medical resources that show what a healed vagina looks like many years post-op. Her ten years anniversary of SRS in Canada is coming up in a couple months– her “one-step penile inversion vaginoplasty” was performed by Dr. Pierre Brassard of GRS Montreal.

Her surgery was one stage. The community where we live in the US did not have insurance coverage in those days, so she paid about $17,000 to the doctor, then paid additionally also for airfare, supplies for post-op care, and a month off work. Well, she also had to pay for therapy to get her letters and pre-op bloodwork and testing healthcare. She didn’t have insurance at all at that time, so it was all out of pocket. Maybe $20k all said and done.

Usually after that people ask if we are rich, like, “How did you afford to pay for bottom surgery?” It just about killed her. She worked two full-time-plus jobs for two years and stockpiled money. If she wasn’t at work, she was asleep. We shouldn’t have to do that, and fortunately, things are better some places now. Somehow, it happened.

Her favorite part about surgery in Canada was the aftercare, how it’s the norm to stay in a recovery house with other trans ppl there, as part of the expense. I mean, imagine if it were free on national health, too? Or covered by Medicaid. She still reminisces fondly about how they picked her up from the airport in a limousine and how the people in recovery from so many surgeries sat together at a common meal table.

Her least favorite part of Canada for lower surgery is how Brassard does not give customization options. You know how folks can ask for more or less labia, for more or less clitoris, more or less depth? You do not get a choice. He has one vagina style he makes, and that is what you get. Maud Belanger in Montreal is the same. You get what you get. His consult was 15 minutes or less and was comprised of him checking the size of the natal parts. After surgery she doesn’t remember seeing him or him personally following up.

She had one minor complication, granulation tissue, which her gynecologist corrected using silver nitrate in office. The granulated tissue had a lot of blood vessels close to the surface, so any minor bump to that area caused bleeding. It didn’t hurt, that bleeding, but it was a sexual nuisance to her. The silver nitrate fixed it completely.

With my dear’s collaboration and complete permission–

Labia majora front view of the labia majora. I’ve always thought the blush of the majora was super attractive.

Closeups of the majora, knees lifted while laying down

The mucosal or like shiny genital tissue of the clitoral hood

When the hood is parted more, the very sensitive vplasty clitoris resides there

Trying to show the opening to the vagina right there. You can see a skin texture and color change.

The space between the clitoris and the vaginal opening is also very sensitive. Here pictured upside down on all fours.

View of vagina from behind, all fours, up to butt. So beautiful.

We don’t always have sex with me penetrating her with the penis, but when we do, we feel extremely lucky to be able to have that experience together.

I have never had sex with a cis woman’s vagina, not using my penis which was built by phalloplasty, but even without comparison I know the experience for the both of us could not be better. Post-op sex between the two of us, both having been each other’s “first” when healed enough, there cannot be so many things as intimate and touching in the whole world.

Note: To respect her privacy and consent, please do not save or post these photos elsewhere. You may share the link to people or groups who would find this information valuable. Should our relationship come to an end– which I hope it never does as long as we live– I will consider that an end to her consent and will delete these photos from the blog. It may also be revoked at any time.

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  1. As a closeted trans girl myself, its nice to know that theres ftm guys who love us mtf girls, its good to see you’re both postop and have blossomed into your true selfs, not many mtf-ftm couples, actually its quite scarce (from what I can tell by online forum boards), but when they emerge, my heart always warms for both persons involved, like I said in another post, hope you guys wed and have a long life in each other’s embrace, maybe kids


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