video: Are sweat pants obscene post-op phalloplasty?

Q: do certain clothes look obscene now that you have so much dick showing in them?

A; I wouldn’t say obscene so much as so obscenely comfy there’s no stopping me from wearing them. Can I wear them to casual Friday? Oh no. Not unless I get a new job as a Chippendale dancer on a pole with those little bow ties at the neck… and naught else. Blush.

Without further ado, here’s a juicy transgender moment of post-op bottom surgery euphoria, thicc in my favorite sweat pants.

Bonus, in this video pull down the pants to let you compare how the penis sits in the jock strap vs the pants, then take my dick and balls out of the underwear to show how it free-hangs compared to the underwear. Is freeballin still a thing? I dunno, haven’t really heard it much since the 1990s.

No apologies for not looking like the average FTM, manlier-than-thou, flexing something healed and handsome. Nonbinary AFAB bottom boy phallic princex realness incoming~

Oh! Back to the question. You can tell I have a peen in these. It’s not so everywhere I couldn’t attend a PTA meeting, but I can’t go commando. Need some support holding Her Royal Highness in the center and not down my leg. 🙂

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