June week1 q&a, my phalloplasty experience

Howdy, I’m from redacted and was curious as to where you got your Phallo done at, I just turned redacted last week and have been on T for about redacted months and planning to get top surgery done in redacted, also who was your top surgeon because ur chest looks amazing you can’t even seen scars if you have them! F

My phalloplasty was done by Dr. Devin O’Brien-Coon at Johns Hopkins, and my top surgery was performed by Dr. Peter Raphael at the American Institute for Plastic Surgery. You sound very excited! I am happy for you. Take it easy and don’t pop a stitch;)

Hey there! I am so happy to have found your blog. It is so helpful and informative and inspiring, too! I’m still working to get all my letter writing bullshit out of the way so that I can move forward with my phalloplasty. I think I’m probably leaning toward abdominal and not RFF, but I won’t be sure until I can talk with the doctor. Because you’re so thorough and open on your blog, I imagine this is answered somewhere, but can you tell me about sensation? Do you have tactile (or erotic) in your penis? Or you primarily receive erotic sensation from your natal dick? Thanks so much for putting your blog out there. I can’t wait to get my surgery lined up, too. Oh shit! I forgot to ask two important questions. Where are you located and who was your tattoo artist? Thanks, C

Hello! I have tactile and erogenous sensation in my penis. That is, when I touch it, it feels like skin does or tissue does, but I also start to feel erotic feelings which come from touching that skin– not just from associations. I also get erogenous sensation from my natal dick. My tattoo artist was Mark Womack @markwadeink insta, of New York City.

hi i am a ftm and i was wondering what is dr. devin o’brien coon’s contact info such as number or email? and when you went to him for a consultation were they strict with weight ? i heard some people say he’s strict with people who are over weight and won’t do surgery on them. Last question how long did you have to stay there until you went home? B

B, You can email him at jhcth@jhmi.edu – that is the email for initial contact with the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health to get the ball rolling. They are very strict about weight for free flap phalloplasty because of the necrosis risk to the donor tissue if you are overweight. It is a serious risk. There is a 31 or 32 BMI limit for RFF, and it is much more strict for ALT, maybe 22 or 24? 30 and under is better for RFF. If you are talking about top surgery, it is more a comprehensive portrait of health overall, since necrosis is not a concern like in phalloplasty. I had to stay in Bmore for 6 weeks for stage 1, for 2 weeks stage 2, 1 week stage 3.

Hey… Just wanted to say thanks for this. Everything you’ve posted and shared has been so helpful for me and has me beyond excited for my phalloplasty. There aren’t enough positive stories our there and I’m so reassured by yours. My stage 1 is this summer in Montreal, I can’t wait. Thanks. M

M, I hope it goes well for you. I did not have any information like this when I was first exploring, so I know every bit of information helps relieve some of the fears! I appreciated some of the blogs I saw so much that it motivated me to write also. I hope you get some time to explore Montreal before surgery.

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