Video & Tangles with trolls: my phalloplasty euphoria can’t be taken

My most recent favorite picture of my package. Healed phalloplasty and scrotoplasty by 18 months, performed by Devin O’Brien-SWOON 🥂👌🙌

I’ve been getting a lot of weak sauce attacks & hate mail from trolls. Must mean I am doing something right!

Devin O’Brien-Coon built me better than I could ever have imagined. There’s no neggy shit any bizarrely obsessed individual online could say which could outweigh the permanent euphoria from being complete.

Tangles with trolls, I had some creep try to slither into my direct messages to tell me my penis was a “flesh tube”. Lol loser, all penises made of flesh, flesh in the shape of a tube. Unlike cisgender ppl just working with what they have between my legs, I chose to have this body part, and to me, that makes all the difference.

So since the beginning of time people have been wondering what it would be like to experience a body totally unlike their own. And having lived it– It is an incredible adventure. I write to share the adventure. I feel like… I get to live multiple lives during one life. It is such a gift.

The troll goes on to tell me what he believes to be the cosmetic imperfection of my penis. Hahaha, but It is my penis. For a homophobe, you’re pretty preoccupied with my cock huh? Seems kinda queer but. If a random dude had a scar on his penis would it set you off? Fun story, I’m a random dude.

He then tries to make me feel bad about having an unburied tdick. — Not today, Santa! Lol. Nice try, but my body is capable of pleasure combinations the average garbage bag bro can’t even imagine. I pity someone who thinks more ways to feel pleasure in healed up, erotic sensitive places isn’t a jackpot in my mind. What next?

He is digging deep, and the best he can come up with is aggressive attempts to misgender me. Yawn. I guess that’s quite another kink to look at hundreds of my dictures while fantasizing the dick belongs to a girl… You are gonna want a different site for that, bucko.

Healed phalloplasty and scrotoplasty at 18 months postop, erect
Healed phalloplasty and scrotoplasty at 18 months postop, erect like I was carved out of motherTUCKING marble, bae

This troll let me tell you– lord. He actually goes on to accuse me of not having nerve hookup? Because he thinks tdick transposition is the same thing as nerve hookup. Pats his head slowly. Sorry, I ain’t got time to hold a class Remedial Neural Anastomoses for Confused Cis Megafans at the branch library.

Whoop! I interrupt this troll tale with a euphoria map: Teat yeet, yeeterus, chamber of secrets, fab new dick, & Love Is… dangly balls.

200-proof unadulterated Gender Euphoria, F 64.infinity 💋

What else… he’s way into it, I can tell. Said everything else he could imagine might bother me. *Startles!* Oh sorry I dozed off there for a second.

I don’t know if these kind of folks will ever know the joy we get out of top surgery, metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, FFS, voice, body, and vaginoplasty. One life to live, and a stranger thinks I might be so vulnerable as to feel bad about the best thing I ever did for myself? Hahahaha. *laughs in nonbinary*

Without further ado, a clip of getting hard and standing at attention. It’s a new thing for me still and I have a lot of catching up to do;) It’s like 50 first dates with my body, and I’m having an absolute blast.

Cool tech!

2 thoughts on “Video & Tangles with trolls: my phalloplasty euphoria can’t be taken”

  1. hi, sorry that this is unrelated to the post (which i loved by the way) but i had a quick question and figured you would be the best to ask!

    do you know if genital-piercings are a possibility once everything is completely healed? i’ve always wanted a small frenum-piercing, but would/could this cause complications?

    i’m planning to get the same erectile device as you and obviously wouldn’t pierce anything until every stage (including tattooing) was entirely complete… but i’m worried that such a piercing may interfere with either the urethra or the erectile device?

    i’m currently waiting for my stage 1 RFF consultation with DOC, it’s in a few months – but since you also went with him, you may have some intel on this! thanks so much!

    1. Hello! I really wish I could have a piercing here of some kind too, but it is not in the cards.

      It would have to be a dermal, not the same as the sturdy natal frenum. The risk of migration would be very high since the penis is rubbed in clothing and sex. That’s if you didn’t have an implant in there yet.

      I was told absolutely no opening of the system belly button to mid thigh after having an ED placed. It doesn’t matter how long; they have a risk of foreign body response if something else is opened nearby. When the skin is disrupted surgically or with a piercing, it has an extremely high risk of needing the ED to come out. It’s so serious I have a minor hernia and can’t have it operated on because it’s close enough to the groin– ever.

      Are you wanting vaginectomy and scrotoplasty? You could get a piercing now on the labia majora which would transfer and be healed up by the recon. I wish I had done that. The piercing holes from my VCH and HCH are still there and accept jewelry still, although what’s around the piercing holes are remodeled.

      You should ask DOC where are ideal spots to put in a piercing if you want it on the scrotum and plan that well in advance.

      You can tell him “a little elf from Texas” told you he could help you plan it and that I found two old piercing holes from my former clitoral hood and jewelry fits in!

      No piercing after surgery since it would cause very high risk implants rejecting.

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