Masculinizing liposuction for that boyish silhouette

So, gendering lipo is not rare, but it is not shared about much in our surgical groups. Since mine was done with bottom surgery, and it’s below the waist, here’s my hip lipo healing story:

I’m very satisfied.

I’m open to questions. One limit– I do not want to discuss price or the involvement of my insurance policy. It has become uncomfortable to me to be asked money questions over and over again… especially knowing that insurance doesn’t cover this stuff.

I can tell you, I have seen the price range for these packages fall between $3,000 – $10,000; higher if the lipo is done as a stand-alone procedure. Higher still if you want those extras like fat grafting or ab definition. It might be economical to ask for just one area that gives you the most trouble.

These pictures show the day of the hip lipo procedure to a year-and-a-half later.

I had liposuction on my hips only, and these photos are intended to show the healing process. It took about three weeks until those large bruises faded to yellow. They were at times extremely tender to the touch, as you would imagine. It is not numb anywhere; sensation is normal.

There are no scars from lipo. Here’s what else you may see in the photo:

– The diagonal abdominal scar you see is from phalloplasty nerve hookup. (I had phalloplasty and scrotoplasty with no vaginectomy.)

– The diagonal scar has different lengths in the two photos because it was revised following hypertrophy.

– I have a slight bulge on this side of my belly from a complication related to laparoscopic hysto. No big deal, just in case you wondered. That’s an uncommon thing to happen.

– The scar across my belly button is from hysterectomy.

– The horizontal incision on my left side of my belly is for the pump reservoir of my erectile implant.

– The piece of gauze you see stuck to my butt in the healing process photo is for Testopel testosterone pellet implants, which does not leave a scar.

– You may observe a pink incision on part of my otherwise faded top surgery double incision scars. That was a fresh dog ear revision line. It makes an interesting timeline show because you can see how it scars fresh vs 5 years later, side by side.

This procedure is not usually covered by health insurance, but by combining with procedures that are covered by insurance you can save money overall.

I have found buying clothes off the rack to be much easier.

The surgeon who did this is Dr. Devin O’Brien-Coon at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. I travel to receive care at the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health. I live in Dallas, Texas.

Was it painful? Oh yeah, this smarted. Mostly it was tender to the touch, like a huge, serious bruise. It took about three or four weeks to stop hurting. It also hurt because of swelling the first week or two. Massage seemed to help, even as it hurt.

Does fat ever come back? You can gain weight again, but if you are on testosterone, it will not come back in that estrogen if pattern.

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