After: The Nurses’ Hospital Nude Photoshoot

I had my year-and-a-half “After” photos at my plastic & reconstructive surgeon’s office at Johns Hopkins, Friday. It had to be one most hilarious, surreal experiences of my life.

Placeholder trans phalloplasty penis pic until I see what the nurses took!

First of all, I was buck naked. I’m used to being naked in one way or another at the hospital, but I felt *especially* naked with a team of nurses holding a professional camera. I’ve worked with these folks for a long time now, and Dr. Devin O’Brien-Coon has given instructions to take good, medical quality nude photos of me? Hahaha.

In my head, Billy Porter’s ballroom emcee PrayTell commands, “Live! Work! Pose!”

These photos might accompany future publications in scientific journals, or they might be a clinical photo slide to accompany a presentation during a conference, as big as the wall. Eep!

There’s a backdrop behind me, and I’m trying to be so serious, but I *know* PA Lauren is getting my worst angle possible with the majority of that frame my belly:hip:thigh ?? She checks the little LCD screen on the camera and we try again. She is in good humor.

I do what I can to help reorient her, and more nurses come in to see how they can help. I gather this is the event of the day. I lay down on the bed thing, and they drape me as if I am in the operating room, not as if I’m pantomiming ideas and feedback.

Mind you, they need to take a photo of my penis in the *cough* erect position, to show functions and changes of state. I’m unsure how to feel! Have you ever had a team of women posing your body to take the most _demonstrative_ clinical photo of that state? We are all amused at the turn life has all taken us to this moment… but professional. I do say “ta-dah~” which is well received.

“Can you lean a little closer to the natural light?” she asked. I’m holding a large reflector in my left hand.

“I think if the right leg is a little more to the left…”

“Is it okay if I touch you?” *Angles my genitals* “Yes, THIS angle! This is it.”

Yes, I had an “After” gender transition nude photo shoot at Johns Hopkins Hospital! My Lord. Hahaha.

Afterwards the nurse took my vitals, “I have to do this since this is an appointment.” Omg, such laughs. 😀 Pretty sure the vitals are not representative of anything except my heart rate and blood pressure after nudes at the hospital.

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