Post-op sex: trans pillow talk Her vaginoplasty, ten years ago. My phalloplasty, two years ago. In the audio, a private conversation between my partner and me about our evolving relationship with our sexual bodies. Even years after surgery, these powerful euphoric moments come over you. There's always more to discover about the ways our bodies can meet. She teaches… Continue reading Post-op sex: trans pillow talk

Trans voice surgery scars and feelings, +1 year

As you can imagine, the scratchy stubble as not comfortable while the incision was healing! Bring an electric razor. No one would know I paid a scientist to slit my throat like a cartoon pirate. You all know money isn’t my favorite subject about these things, because it is awkward. There are the haves and… Continue reading Trans voice surgery scars and feelings, +1 year

A year after voice lowering surgery, before clip & after Type 3 medial laryngoplasty thyroplasty, performed early July, 2019 on transgender male / "FTM" / non-binary person Speaking. Before voice surgery. Pre-op. 5-ish years testosterone therapy.Initial fundamental frequency: Low 104hzMedian 159hzHigh 227hzAverage female range: 165hz - 255hz Speaking. Healed 1 year. Post-op fundamental frequency:Low: 85hzMedian: 127hzHigh: 161hz Average male range: 85hz - 180hz