Coloring! Hypnotic transfem postop torso <3 #t4t

Printable transgender femme coloring page! Model, my lovely wife <3 I’ve been drawing more during the pandemic. This is based on the body of my spouse. I hoped to convey her size, strength, and magnetism in this drawing. She celebrated the tenth anniversary of her vaginoplasty this year. Before I added color to the drawing,… Continue reading Coloring! Hypnotic transfem postop torso <3 #t4t

Phalloplasty FAQ— “Will I cum postop?”

Doodles about pee and cum post-phalloplasty: infographic - comic Snippet transcriptions from the big comic! HOW IT WORKS~ Oh hey, since my urethra still exits behind my balls, I may make sexy mess more like the middle drawing here... TMI? Is TMI even possible on this blog? We may have to spend some time clarifying...… Continue reading Phalloplasty FAQ— “Will I cum postop?”

Postop erections 101 #trans

How does the intrapenile prosthesis work? Context: trans masculine, ftm, nonbinary, trans men Accessibility, Image description notes: Educational sketch of phallo erection via inflatable, aka the pump. Screen readers, passage length is about 2 minutes. Information in drawing described: Models would be like the AMS 700 series or the Coloplast Titan. To operate you squeeze… Continue reading Postop erections 101 #trans

Art: trans masculine genitals

Unburied t-dick and genitals behind scrotum, no-vaginectomy + phalloplasty; self-portrait by non-binary person, enbytex What’s this? I am trans masculine. I drew my natal genitals. It’s still here after phalloplasty. This part of my body is behind my scrotum, between my scrotum and my bottom. It is modified a little, in that I do not… Continue reading Art: trans masculine genitals

Phallo Staging Infographic

Graphic checklist of phallo staging - planning the options I remember at one point being so overwhelmed by how many options there were for deciding what I wanted vs what I did not want in phalloplasty. So, I put together my mental checklist for each stage in this visual format. Stage 1 - deciding which… Continue reading Phallo Staging Infographic

The Allens Test for RFF Phalloplasty

Comic: I drew how the Allen Test works so you can fiddle with it at home~ Will your doctor need to use your left or your right arm? Is your arm a suitable donor site candidate for transgender phalloplasty? I did a little research on the test the doctor uses in-office to test the adequacy… Continue reading The Allens Test for RFF Phalloplasty

What to wear post-op? Phallo fashion

Comic: 12 post-op recovery looks for the fashion-conscious trans masculine ... gender transcendence winter 2020 / spring summer 2021 collection Haha. I’m just goofing around. But that big bulge of gauze up front certainly did not make dressing myself easy! If you are going through phalloplasty recovery now, I feel your pain. Today... today I… Continue reading What to wear post-op? Phallo fashion

Art / poster: Trans masculine genital anatomy

Trans masculine genital anatomy poster, after testosterone, before surgery. Digital art by enbytex I wanted to draw the trans masculine genitals because they are so rarely depicted, outside pornography. I drew them pre-op or non-op, after the influence of testosterone. Because I did not have vaginectomy or burial, the fair-skinned and pink vulva is my… Continue reading Art / poster: Trans masculine genital anatomy