Comic: Sharing Plans Toward a Gender Affirming Surgery

Just a doodle.


Image description: Comic panes. Title “Sharing Plans Toward a Gender Affirming Surgery”. Scene 1, trans person waves to friends. Says, “I have exciting news!” Trans person has hearts in the air around them. Says, “After much deliberation, I have requested a surgery consult.” Four friends respond. The first says, “Hmm. I like you the way you are.” The second says, Just so you know you could have a bad experience.” The third says, “Don’t get addicted to surgery now.” The fourth says, “You should probably consider that this is permanent.” In the next pane, the trans person’s eyes are closed and cheeks are flushed hot. They are thinking of dark rain cloud. Final pane, the trans person smiles weakly, wearing a heart pin with a jagged break in the heart. The trans person thinks, “Have a little faith in me, y’all.” There is a tear on the trans person’s cheek.

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