Glansplasty for transgender phalloplasty

Do you want to talk about glansplasty? I drew a common technique.

Glansplasty is a surgery which builds the shape of the glans. The glans is called the head.

Glansplasty is associated with transgender phalloplasty. It is a gender affirming procedure for trans men and nonbinary people. However, some people with phalloplasty will not have glansplasty, for medical or personal reasons.


[Accessibility / Image description. Large title, “glansplasty”. There are four sequential images illustrating the process, hand sketched. Image 1 shows the phallus without glansplasty. A dotted line marks where the incision would begin glansplasty. I mark it “cut dermis here and roll upward.” I wrote, “when glansplasty is performed after stage 1, it greatly reduces risk of flattening and [subsequent] revision.” Image 2 shows the dermis in process of being rolled under at the proximal portion of the glans. I drew the stitches which hold the roll down. I drew the denuded area without skin where the dermis was rolled up, with the split thickness graft being applied to that area. I labeled the full thickness dermis. There is a note, “>3 months past phallo allows deeper cuts for the glans curve.” Image 3 shows the stitch marks shortly after surgery, before bandaging. There are stitch knots on the surface of the glans where the skin was rolled under. There are perpendicular stitches holding the grafted strip down. The wording says “stitched up”. The fourth image is water colored with a sample skin pigment. The label says “healed”. There is a small label over a section of color variation proximal to the glans which says “color variation”. This is a typical zone of color variation in natal penises. This image is based on the technique called the Norfolk Glansplasty.]

The three color images are based on photos of the surgical work of Devin O’Brien Coon at Johns Hopkins. The technique sketch is based on a small medical illustration I found in low resolution signed “TB”. The site which hosted that illustration no longer exists. I will post that source hoping to be able to give better inspiration credit, in the comments.

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