Phalloplasty “shows & grows”: life on the long side of flaccid

So: To state the obvious, I have a long flaccid penis. My knee is in the bottom left of this photo. My penis is only slightly larger when erect.

I’m a nonbinary trans person. I was assigned female at birth. This is the kind of phalloplasty associated with trans men & “ftm” guys— but I don’t use those bro terms for myself. I can round up my gender if it helps transgender people find this info.

Questions I get asked about having a longer flaccid penis…
You know, a “show-er” as opposed to a grower.

Did you ask for your flaccid penis to be this long?
I asked my surgeon to make me a penis which would be healthy, based on the length of my arteries, veins, and nerves. This ended up being a healthy size for me. I was pleasantly surprised! I had never pictured myself as being a … big penis having… kind of person? But it’s had more pros than cons.

Have you ever wanted to have it shortened?
Heck no! This things can helicopter with the wholesomeness of a baby elephant! Haha, more seriously, the dimensions don’t cause me any inconvenience. It’s soft usually, so it bundles up well in an underwear pouch. It stays in the pouch area cuddled around the scrotum.

Since you’re nonbinary, wouldn’t a shorter penis be more feminine?

Haha, this question always gets me! I have no preconceived idea of what a masculine penis or a feminine penis looks like. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder— Seems like any size could be feminine or masculine. Sort of like a person’s height isn’t necessarily masculine or feminine.

Do you have to wear special underwear?
No… Well not exactly. A lot of average-penis underwear is not as comfortable to me; so I look for something with a stretchier pouch that can accommodate some size. It’s not a huge deal. But, if the pouch is like a thick cotton which does not stretch, it can awkwardly push my flaccid penis down the leg of boxer briefs. NOT CUTE! Things that will probably never work for me:

1. Loose boxers. NO. The penis could fly out the bottom. Or go snakey-leg down the pants. NOT CUTE! Unless you are in a Tom of Finland cartoon.
2. Thick cotton, flat front boxer briefs. NO. Again, this can drive a Tom of Finland look I am not _usually_ pursuing.
3. A small, structured pouch— The most uncomfortable of all?! because you squish into it and just feel super constrained. They’re made to flatter smaller bundles by lifting the balls, right? These are… not for me.

What kind of underwear works well?
Stuff that does work well: Support that isn’t restrictive. Anything stretchy and be built for a longer penis in the pouch.

Does longer size change sex?
I’m queer. I am usually the bottom [slang for penetration receiver], so the size of my penis doesn’t have many practical impacts on sex. I will say, when I am topping [slang for giving my partner penetration]— Is all of this too obvious to say?— but having a longer penis makes many sex positions easier, since you don’t have to consider movements which will maintain contact. (Should I say it simpler? A longer penis stays in easier during sex, so you can move more ways and not have to readjust.) I dont think any of that makes sex better, though. That has more to do with the people having the sex 🙂

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