Top surgery scar care, Tape v No Tape

There are a few things going on in this post. A while back I had a top surgery revision. It removed dog ears– that is, when the skin below the incision starts buckling upward. This work was not done by Dr. Coon or Johns Hopkins. However– when I had the revision, I decided this was a great time to test: How would my scar look if I did not use silicone scar tape this time?

– 2014. Double incision top surgery. I used Mepitac silicone tape on the full length of incisions both sides, nearly 24/7. More details in photo.

– 2017. Took photos. This is when the scars were about three years old. I show what the scars looked like at this time.

– 2017 – Nov. Had revision. Photos show where the scars are removed as part of dog ear revision. New incisions. I did not use silicone tape or silicone gel on the Surgery2/revision scars, only moisturizer.

– 2020. The revised surgery is now three years old. We can compare the scars under two different care regimens.

What about a control?

Left vs Right
I took photos of both left and right for comparison.

Location & daily mechanical stress
Surgery 1 and surgery 2 allow us to compare the same underarm location.

Age of the scar
2017 pictures show Surgery 1 at 3 years post-op.
2020 pictures show Surgery 2/Revision at 3 years post-op.

Top surgery revision; immediately before and immediately after surgery

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