Phallo Staging Infographic

Graphic checklist of phallo staging – planning the options

I remember at one point being so overwhelmed by how many options there were for deciding what I wanted vs what I did not want in phalloplasty. So, I put together my mental checklist for each stage in this visual format.

Stage 1 – deciding which donor site. Most surgeons in the US prefer RFF but will also perform ALT. That’s arm or leg. MLD is the back/flank— some surgeons will perform this by special request. Some surgeons will perform abdominal phalloplasty, an older technique. RFF allows for the application of Integra.

Stage 2 + … Deciding about glansplasty, scrotoplasty, burial of the natal glans, transposition of the natal glans, vaginectomy, and whether you are keeping or banishing the labia minora

Stage 3 – The implants. For erectile implant, you have to decide between hydraulic pumps and the semirigid rods. The pump comes in two piece varieties and three piece varieties. The testicular implant prosthesis can either be carved silicone (which feels like a gummy bear) or saline filled silicone (which also feels a lot like a gummy bear, haha).

I wish doctors had like… a menu sort of like this to make the planning process easier. Gosh, each one of these pins on the board could easily have its own article for deciding pros and cons. But as far as simplifying the number of options… I hope this helps.

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