Art: trans masculine genitals

Unburied t-dick and genitals behind scrotum, no-vaginectomy + phalloplasty; self-portrait by non-binary person, enbytex

What’s this?
I am trans masculine. I drew my natal genitals. It’s still here after phalloplasty. This part of my body is behind my scrotum, between my scrotum and my bottom. It is modified a little, in that I do not have a labia majora anymore— It’s now my scrotum. I don’t have ovaries or a uterus or a cervix, but I do have a vagina and the parts you see here.

How did you keep this after phalloplasty?
My surgeon, Devin Coon, did not require me to have this organ buried within my phallo penis. Since my urethral opening is in the same place it was, it was simple. My pee hole is the upper dark dot just barely within the vestibule. So, I sit to pee. I can stand to pee using an STP device, but I normally don’t bother.

Is this a penis or a clitoris?
Many trans masculine people term this enlarged natal organ penis or a t-dick.
We folks who have no-burial phalloplasty joke that we have two penises now: The small and the large. It is very large if considered a clitoris, but it is small on the scale of penises. Ah, to be liminal, in between the language of our culture.

Why did you make this?
Among my trans masculine peers, we find it oddly challenging to find images of our anatomy outside pornography. And… most images of the vulva in general put the visual focus on the vaginal vestibule (aka opening). The visual center of my natal parts, to me, is the glans clitoris. So, I shifted the gaze more… looking downward.

This is just my own body, depicted in art.

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  1. Before seeing your website, I had no idea I had the option to retain my t-dick *and* have a phallo penis. That’s a little mind-blowing, I’m gonna be honest. I didn’t comment on the post I’m about to refer to, but I also wanted to thank you for the vid of you dancing, to show the organ in motion. It looks so much more natural than I had assumed. You’re right that when you try to look up phallo on Google Images, or what have you, you see a lot of unhealed pics, which isn’t super helpful.

    I might have to reconsider my adamant disinterest in bottom surgery, ngl. After all, I got a lot more out of top surgery than I had assumed I would.

    Thanks for this resource, friend. I’ll have to do some more reading on and off your website. Do some more research…. you know how it is.

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