Postop erections 101 #trans

How does the intrapenile prosthesis work?
Context: trans masculine, ftm, nonbinary, trans men

Accessibility, Image description notes:

Educational sketch of phallo erection via inflatable, aka the pump. Screen readers, passage length is about 2 minutes. Information in drawing described:

Models would be like the AMS 700 series or the Coloplast Titan. To operate you squeeze the pump bulb in the scrotum to make the penis hard. To go soft you push the button above the bulb, attached to the top of the bulb.

I drew the penis long and flaccid with the joke, “does this penis make my butt look small?”. Caption says swinging softie.

I drew how the long penis bundles into the cup or pouch of underwear. Caption says bundled cozy.

Uses for an erection

There is a cheeky list of uses for an erection: such as, tenting sheets, helicopter dick, Tom of Finland gay cartoon styles, mega print of a penis in sweat pants, signal interest for consensual dicktures, stay hard while bottoming, masturbation, look cool in the mirror, penetration during sex, feeling doggone grateful. (Doggone is old man slang for very, haha.) The list ends with the words “and more” as if it were an advertisement for a new blender that also chops and dices.

Drawing of erect penis pointing downward while hard, with explanation that larger penises may point downward due to gravity even when hard. Final paragraph, main picture shows inflated cylinder cutaway drawing like a window to the parts inside the body.

Maybe there would be one cylinder in the penis. Maybe two. They are anchored to the hip bone at the periosteum. They are wrapped in GoreTex or AlloDerm material.

Myths about the postop erection

List of myths.
– Myth, the pump is filled with air. No, it is filled with a liquid.
– Myth, the pump is external. Actually it is totally inside the body.
– Myth, it is just for trans people. Actually lots of cis people have this device implanted.
– Myth, it would be weird or not sexy, and it would be delicate. Actually it can be very sexy.
– Myth, it breaks super fast. Actually, it is more complex than that, but with new models an upgrade should be many years down the road as an outpatient procedure. Occasionally things do not go as planned, of course. Current models are sturdy enough for rough sex.

Comment listed, “compatible with most orifices, xxx”, alluding to the common question about whether the penis can penetrate vaginas or butts or whatever else we are into. There joke small drawing if a helicopter dick swinging labeled “bonus”, because this helicopter dick serves no educational purpose but was fun to draw.

Tiny joke picture of a school bus swimming through the cylinder like a science field trip show, label says “Magic School Bus?”. Because i hope this was at least somewhat educational.

Tiny picture of a cowboy riding on the cylinder like it is a gay rocket and the cowboy is at the rodeo. He is the gender euphoria cowboy, naturally.

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