Phalloplasty FAQ— “Will I cum postop?”

Doodles about pee and cum post-phalloplasty:
infographic – comic

Snippet transcriptions from the big comic!


Oh hey, since my urethra still exits behind my balls, I may make sexy mess more like the middle drawing here… TMI? Is TMI even possible on this blog?

We may have to spend some time clarifying…

The first phalloplasty illustration says “Detour!” where the surgeon routes the urine into the neo-urethra, as if a sharp turn on a highway. On this silhouette a bright purple explosion appears at the head of the penis, where sexy fluids might exit.

The second phalloplasty illustration is labeled “This is what my body looks like.” It shows the urine exiting at the perineum behind the ball sack. It says “No UL” for no urethral lengthening. A handwritten caption, “Lots of cis men have this set-up after a common procedure called urethrostomy. We sit to pee or use a Stand To Pee funnel.

Both images have a small trans pride flag on the picture.

I had phalloplasty myself three years ago. I have spent about four or five years in close community with people who have had phalloplasty. Ahead of published medical literature, we know things about how our bodies work which have not yet made it into scientific literature.

I’m simplifying a lot of variables here, but let’s start with this: People with natal penises and natal vaginas all make prostatic fluid. You don’t need testes to make that.

So, two pictures: the trans masc silhouette with urethral hookup, then the trans masc silhouette with the natal urethral exit. Whether you have the urethral lengthening or not, the Skene’s glands are going to stay alongside that portion of the natal urethra.

I drew a cis male body to compare the location of the prostatic glands. However, a small note on the leg says I don’t says ‘this body is cis,’ because lots of people have bodies like this and aren’t cis. And cis men have all sorts of bodies too. But… let’s round up to keep this brief.

I mean, compare that to the most common body we call “male”. Maybe he is a cis male, maybe the person is nonbinary, or maybe she is a trans feminine person. The prostate has similar glands in a similar location.

Homophones: Glans, Glands. Words that are not the same but sound alike…

I understand how they get mixed up. But GLANS and GLANDS are not the same word. Likewise, there is no such thing as GLANDSPLASTY— It’s GLANSPLASTY. I try not to chuckle when I see this, because I know it is an honest mistake… The glans is the penis head. The glanDs are like the ducts that make this kind of skene’s fluid along the urethra. *Summoning my spelling patience…*

Illustration of the natal cis female / nonbinary / trans masculine setup, showing the location of the skene’s glands beside the clitoris, vagina, etc.
This doodle image is 100% not to scale, haha.

Closer, you can see the way that the glands cluster around the urethra, each collecting its own droplets of sexual fluids.
Even closer, you can see how the skene’s glands fill and stretch with fluid until they release that fluid— maybe at orgasm, maybe at a gush, in a slow intermittent flow, or maybe not at all and it gets reabsorbed. I drew a BOOM anyway, haha.
Header on image: Will I cum postop? Let’s break that down.

Transcription of image— questions people considering phallo ask me all the time about … cum postop:

  • Will I orgasm post phallo? Yes, almost everyone can.
  • Will I ejaculate post phallo? The skene’s glands are not changed, so if you could before— like if you gush or squirt, to use a crass term— you will probably continue.
  • Will I ejaculate sperm? No. However, sperm are ejaculated in a fluid made in the prostate. We make a very similar fluid in the skene’s glands. The amount varies by individual. [I’ve seen trans men put out a similar amount as cis men usually do, albeit with less velocity.]
  • Does vaginectomy remove the Skene’s glands? No, it stays.
  • Can I get someone pregnant? No. That would require sperm.
  • What if I do not want urethral lengthening? The Skene’s fluid will exit where your pee comes out. That could be at the perineum, a natal position for us.
  • Will it spray? Splooge? It seems more commonly a gush or dribble. Less velocity than the average man gets. Usually clear but can be milky.

Reminder, Orgasm is complex and personal. Sometimes there are fluids with no orgasm. Sometimes there are orgasms with no fluids. There are ways to have fun in every combination.

People often mix up pleasure, orgasm and fluid release into one word: cum. When… Real life has more moving parts— meaning complexity— and that is true for everyone of any sex and gender.

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