cute underwear post-op phalloplasty

I got a treat today! I ventured out after so long with my sweetheart, and we went to the sexy queer underwear shop. Presents for me! It’s a special occasion for us. So I must recommend these two phallo underwear options.

First, just in case this is someone’s first view on here, I’m a trans person, and I had this setup of adding a penis and ball sack built onto me 3+ years ago. The shortest way of saying this, I didn’t used to have a penis like this, and now I do. I’m living life after transition, at home in my body. Yay. It’s taken a little while to find underwear that fits and looks sexy. So much men’s underwear is blah, drab and boring. It’s ugly and dowdy to me. Maybe it works for straight people.

Lord, I’ve been wanting some underwear from this designer for years. Greg Homme, Outrageous. They’re the softest, silkiest sheer material I’ve ever touched. They even smell nice. I could just rub them on my face.

Greg Homme Outrageous

They’re cut a lot like ladies’ bikini cut panties except for the space in the front for the dick. The lines are designed to flatter a penis in front, too.

I’ll admit they’re quite expensive— but it was a special present. 💕♥️💕

So, I’ve discovered there are two kinds of penis-underwear pouches. One that bundles and one that lifts. Big dick problems, this is more of a bundler for me. It’s comfortable: This is definitely a bit of a femboy tucking panty for me. Really, it feels nice to be securely supported like that. But if you want more of a bulgey lift, that’s not what Greg Homme is doing for me.

But check this out. Ahh I love this. When I put my knees up, it is so cute and seductive seeing the penis and balls through the sheer lilac.

Ok I had to add some rainbow stickers on my razor burn… But look how sexy it is to see everything through the sheer pink.

Love it. Ah, if you have a sweetie who wants to spoil you with some extra sexy, silky sheer designer undies, these may be my favorites.


This was my second present in the bag. These Skivvies boxer briefs do an excellent lift. Whoa. And—I feel so sporty and classic. Notice how these don’t to the tuck, wrapping the penis between the legs like the Greg Homme underwear did. Everything is lifted for a nice bulge up front. Check it out.

They’re so simple, but the blue and black piping really delivers on enhancing the goods. And the back?

The brand panel on the upper butt helps the lower butt do the bubble. I don’t really know how it works so well, but I think it’s flattering.

It does a totally different thing here than the Greg Homme. Look how, legs splayed, the penis stays above the balls.

I think Skivvies underwear are usually $25-$30. Again, another very special treat from my love for a special occasion.

I could wear this style comfortably under anything. I love this pair of underwear too. Ooh, I feel cute 🙂 I do recommend as a treat.

All in all, these undies are so fun to receive, try on, and share. I hope this is helpful to people looking to find something special to suit their own bodies, post-op.

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