Phalloplasty but no vaginectomy, trans

How are body parts positioned if you are an all-of-the-above kind of person?

Someone told me he just couldn’t envision it. Like, if you have phallo, where does the penis go? Where is that in relation to other parts? How does it all fit on you?

I was trying to explain with words, but sometimes a drawing makes the most sense.

I like drawing my new body. It helps me wrap my head around all that has transpired and visualize the whole.

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  1. I deeply appreciate your blog.
    This might be an odd question and it is also an intensely personal question. To preface, I worry about the sensation of my penis not feeling like an extension of my tdick (if that makes sense). Like, having the penis placement higher on the pubic bone?Has that been an issue for you / do you have any words of wisdom in that regard?
    I worry in terms of actual sensation, psychological weirdness, and sexual function (angles and such).

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