POV: Naked trans man (Ok, ok, I’m nonbinary…)

Here I am, universe!

Haha, here’s my visual point of view looking down at my (fabulously) trans body, sprawled out on a towel. I did transport myself off to the cosmos, as you see.

I remember when I had just started testosterone eight years ago, and one of the manly guys in the support group showed me a picture of himself before transition. I know, we have all seen impressive side-by-sides. It’s different when you’re 1-1 and he shows you an old wallet photo. He picked me up, helped me keep going. I never believed I could look like that… but here I am.

So much changes, but so much remains the same.

Well, friend, if you needed to stumble across a trans person feeling unapologetically cute in their own naked skin~

*waves in celebratory nude*

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