Video tour: phallo, no vaginectomy. AKA all the parts!

Definitely not porn: More… My healed body in medical & community education context. It’s challenging for fellow transgender kin to find resources about gender surgery options.
So, here you go~ trans phalloplasty with no vaginectomy.

Quick tour of one of our options: Penis alongside vagina.

My phalloplasty occurred at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, United States of America. It was three stages of surgery.

Why do it this way? It made bottom surgery much easier on me, and I can’t even see my vulva anymore. My spouse is the only one it could even matter to, that I have a penis and a vagina. Since I have what I need— to look down and see my body as it should be— having more sexual options is just icing on the cake. My spouse thinks it’s just awesome.

No, a body like this is not what everyone would want, but that’s okay. For myself, I couldn’t be happier. I’m trying really hard not to make this video sexy— but I can’t help it if I am sexy anyway. Because trans people are just smart, funny, charming, and delectable : )

5 thoughts on “Video tour: phallo, no vaginectomy. AKA all the parts!”

  1. aahh,, I can’t wait to have this done for me ♡♡ Honestly, having both would be the dream

  2. Thanks for posting this this is the surgery I want and its hard to find photos of phallo without vaginectomy.

  3. Thank you for sharing these. I did not even know you can get surgery to have both. As someone who also wants phallo but does not want vaginectomy: why did you opt not to bury your t dick in the new penis? Does it help with placement of the new penis? Was it impossible to have them combined into one?

  4. Dude, you are severely mentally ill and the doctors who did this to you should be jailed.

    You’ll never be a man. And now you are absolutely disgusting. You’ve completely fucked yourself up. What a fucking clown world we live in…

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