Q&A – On phalloplasty sensation, scars, post-op masturbation

So, I’ve received some questions; figured I’d give answers a go!

Do you have sensation? Can you cum the same as before? Losing the ability to orgasm is the only thing that is stopping me.

Yes, I have sensation. I get asked this a lot. I had a microsurgical nerve hook-up procedure performed, where they linked the nerves in the donor tissue to the genital branch of nerves. I could get way more technical about this, but it means that I have both tactile and erogenous (sexy) sensation in my penis.

Can I have an orgasm like before… Well, I have more options. Haha. More seriously, I have a more active orgasmic life than I did before, if “orgasmic life” is a thing. Just like the average man, I can now have an orgasm in 2-3 minutes if I want to. When I was having more heteronormative sex in the social-female role… I’d be lucky if I had an orgasm at all during sex. It was at least 20 or 30 minutes of work that my partner in those days didn’t engage with me. I would often lose interest by that point. It also helps that I don’t have all those dysphoric feelings floating around while I’m trying to enjoy something sexual anymore. So yes, I can orgasm, and there are lots of new things around my body to help me get there, too. I can choose to enjoy all the parts at once if I want.

Are you uncomfortable with the scars on your arm? I want phallo but I don’t want a big scar on my arm. Is it obvious?

So, there’s something I never anticipated about the donor site— the whole area on my arm is not a scar. Only the borders of it are a scar in the sense you’re probably thinking of— a thin line that got stitched that doesn’t tan quite the same way as the rest of my arm. Therefore, I use sunscreen.

About a year post-op, I got a large-ish tattoo on my arm, like many trans guys do. It wasn’t to cover the donor site, but it ended up being a visual distraction from any scarring.

Three stories on scarring:

(1) It’s funny, one of my coworkers thought I shave my arm perfectly every day— nah, I just don’t grow hair there at all anymore! But she thought it was for the aesthetics of my tattoo.

(2) Another coworker seemed a bit surprised when I took off my watch. “How did you get that scar on your wrist?” she asked in a friendly way. I was surprised because in my mind the whole arm was a scar, but she only perceived the border there to be a scar, and she had never seen it since I wear a watch. It blew my mind a little to know my arm was being perceived so differently from what I was expecting.

(3) A boss asked if she could take a picture of my arm to send her daughter. I’m a daring person so I extended my arm and asked if she would like to tell me the context. She said she thought my tattoos looked so professional at work, and she wanted to send them to her daughter as an example. Turned out she did not know there was a scar there at all, or that this ‘was’ a scar. All she noticed was the tattoo, which covers only a quarter to a third of my donor site.

Can you masturbate using the phallo?

Haha, I’m not sure I know what you mean, so I’ll answer two questions.

(1) Can I masturbate by stroking my penis? Yes. Just like anybody who has a penis I guess. Really obvious things that caught my attention? The edge of the glans getting stroked makes the edges of the head wobble (?) Sorry, least sexy wording possible, I know. But that wobbling corona with the stroke is the best feeling part of stroking. In the penis itself, during the stroke, the pressure of the sensitive softer flesh around-and-moving-on the erect inner part is what feels good.

It’s funny, I was trying to explain this to my wife. I was like, I am going to tell you the most obvious joy about having a penis but it feels pleasant in an erotic way, physically pleasurable, just to be erect. I know, I should have guessed it would feel good? But it was a pleasant discovery!

(2) CONFESSION. I can masturbate by rubbing the glans of my phallo penis against my natal parts at the vulva. Pardon the porny language— I think that’s called a pussyjob in slang? I don’t know if I’m getting off on the lens of my vulva feeling good being rubbed by a dick or if I’m getting off from the lens of my dick rubbing on a vulva… But I know I can do this generally whenever I want to. I mean, I can feel both sides of “sex” simultaneously when I masturbate like this. I still don’t think I have fully ever explained what a mindfuck it is to feel sex from the penis and the vagina in the equation at the same time.

I don’t know if you’ve looked at my penis gallery, but I have a long flaccid penis, about 6 inches, and it stays girthy when soft. That’s enough length that I can penetrate my own vagina if I want to. I can’t go super deep but a good inch or two. I can just barely reach my butt (anus) with the glans of my penis, which also feels good, but I can’t reach to penetrate my butt. Boo. I’m too thick and fluffy (not skinny) to autofellate but I know a couple post-op trans guys who can.

Since my phallo erection is controlled by the hydraulic implant, I can choose to stay softer for the maximum flexibility penetrating myself. My spouse says that everyone in the world who enjoys sex should be jealous of the things I can do while masturbating. Haha, aww. I love having sex with my partner, BUT I have a very gratifying solo sex life, too.

I know, people probably want to see video and pics. I feel like the second I post something *that* unusual it’s going to get all over gross parts of the internet. I wonder if there is a way to make it clinical in just like a, “here’s how this works,” sex ed sort of way. Then again, people probably share it around purely for the sake of misinformed spectacle, which would feel icky.

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  1. Hello! I’m also trans masculine nonbinary, and until I saw your blog linked on Twitter yesterday, I had pretty much decided that bottom surgery was something I wasn’t interested in and wouldn’t be pursuing.

    Seeing your results has been completely mind-blowing, though! Thank you so much for sharing all of this through your blog. I’ll definitely be spending more time reading through everything.

    I only have one question currently (sorry if it has been answered elsewhere!):

    How is sensation in your tdick? Did the nerve hook-up alter it at all?

    1. Hi Wren. I’m so glad it has been helpful to you. I don’t mind any questions you have. : ) The sensation isn’t different in my tdick at all fortunately. I hope that is good news for you. It was numbish immediately after surgery and in the weeks following, but it comes back within a few days since the nerves weren’t damaged; swelling can mute sensation for a while.

  2. Hi enbytex, Thanks for opening up the comments. I love your illustrations and they have helped me get a good grasp of things I am interested in for my surgery. I am 57 yrs old, started my transition after breast cancer treatment in 2012. I am Masculine FTM, and will be having Phallo surgery as soon as I can afford it. I plan on having Urethra lengthening and erectile implants.

    My question for this blog or rather my concern is would the erectile device press against my new urethra once its installed?…will or would it cause complications even after healing? I don`t know the exact anatomy of where the urethra lays in my phallos after its hooked up, closed and things are working right.

    I know you didn’t get the urethra hook up, but with the vast knowledge you have displayed with a majority of the Phalloplasty styles and techniques on your blog, I was hoping you could give your understanding of how these two procedures will or could interact with each other.

    In my mind, I see my new urethra rubbing against my rod inside my tdick even flaccid, which is concerning due to all the complications urethra lengthening already has a nature of producing on its own. I guess i want to know before going in, what is actually going on in my dick after all the surgeries.

    Thanks in Advanced!


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