A word of thanks…

For Dr. Devin O’Brien Coon of the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health. None of this would be possible without the hands and mind of surgeon That his life crossed mine– for this, I will be forever grateful;

For the brilliant counsel of trans health attorneys Charlie Arrowood and Noah Lewis;

For Colt, Rhys, Leonard, and Gaines, who went ahead of me, whose sharing emboldened me;

For my spouse who loves me whatever form my body takes;

For trans ancestor Lobzang Jivaka (1915-1962), the first transgender man to receive phalloplasty;

And for M.

I’m @enbytex.
I feel at home in my body after gender affirming surgeries.

Most post-op people get asked for “results” photos constantly, and it can feel objectifying. It makes sense: as a transgender community, it is hard to find information about our options. There are many myths out there, and it’s hard to get a sense of what the bottom surgery experience could be like. Where can you even find information?

I started writing just a few months before surgery, wanting to make this experience transparent and documented. Now the blog had continued on for years: life after lower surgery. Here, I found a place to process my euphorias, my decisions, and my sexuality. My partner and I got to learn each other all over again. We fall even deeper in love. I’ve had more surgeries, like voice surgery. And– I take many photos along the way.

I hope putting my experience diary out here helps people make informed decisions, breaks stigma against non-binary surgery, and challenges stereotypes. You don’t have to be binary to use hormones and surgery. There’s no single correct way to feel affirmed in your body.

I write mostly for my fellow trans community, but I do not mind passers by who come here to learn a bit about our world. I post a lot of nude photos, which I hope are understood in a health and trans community education context. I hope to offer something back to the community, in my vulnerability.

In gratitude,

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