Gallery: Glansplasty

Dr. Devin O’Brien-Coon uses the modified Norfolk glansplasty technique to build the penis glans. I scooped the pics which seem to show the glans generally, to go in one place. Dr. Coon works at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, as the medical director of the Center for Transgender Health.

I had asked Dr. Coon for a pronounced glans, which is possible when you wait a few months after stage 1 (phallus creation). This is because you can make deeper cuts in healed tissue. Otherwise, swelling causes much of the glans to flatten. Note: I have a genetic hypertrophic scarring condition which makes my scars more visible than they would be for someone else.

OH! I opted out of urethral lengthening into my penis. I still pee out the same perineal area I ever did. The appearance of a pee hole is based on Dr. Coon applying a dermal punch to the tip of my penis. Then I had my tattooist add shading. I love it!

As I have said on other pages, individual blog posts have much more detail, but this should give the overview.