Gallery: Phallo Tattooing

To have my penis pigmented post phalloplasty, I found a photorealism artist especially gifted with botany. These are the process photos of something tangentially related to a transgender surgery that most people don’t know is an option. These sessions took place between months 6 and months 11 post-op. The reason I needed to add pigment? I found my penis was unnaturally pale, not being natal genital dermis.

This artist, Mark Womack @markwadeink , matched the colors of other parts of my body as they would settle, in subdermal color tests. We went very gradually until the tiny amounts of pigment layered naturally. He did not advertise this service; I emailed him and met with him to discuss and plan if it was something he was interested in.

I often get asked how much it costs: Usually about as much as a sleeve, which will vary based on the artist. And does it hurt? Heck yes. But bearable; it is worth it to this nonbinary babe. Something funny, I had my surgeons name tattooed as a subtle vein. Sort of like an artist signing his sculpture. Yes, I obtained permission. Haha:)

All in all it was about 40 hours of work in 2 long sessions and 2 short sessions. I am very satisfied! My strategy was color photorealism as a place to start, but I’m sure there are many ways to find an artist interested in helping us.

I have individual blog posts with more detail, but this is the short & sweet!