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Sorry that this one is a little gory. I look at it from the perspective of just how much healing my body has done. It’s amazing! How incredible that I got to see my arm looking through the silicone sheet, like a window into my body. It didn’t hurt there, since the nerves were all harvested. It looks like it would hurt though!

Today, three years post-op RFF phalloplasty, it just feels like… most people think I shave my arm for aesthetics. No hair grows on my arm for like seven inches length. Oop! I wear a watch or bracelet over the linear scar on my wrist, and it’s really not such a big deal.

I had Integra implanted in my arm so I wouldn’t have a divet from the split thickness dermal graft taken. Dr. Devin O’Brien Coon also harvested the nerves from my forearm and performed microsurgery to do nerve grafts into my penis. As an ongoing way of taking care of my arm, I try to keep sunscreen on it every day, even indoors. It gets brown much faster than the rest of my arm: hyperpigmentation. When I’m going to be in direct sun, I keep a UV sleeve in my bag.

Lots more details in the rest of the blog 🙂