Gallery: Scrotoplasty

I grabbed a group of photos which focus most on the scrotum. Also known as… ball sack. My scrotum was made by Devin O’Brien-Coon at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. [I opted out of vaginectomy. Don’t be surprised if you see a bonus vagina behind my balls. Heyy!]

My scrotum used to be my labia majora. This technique is called the VY scrotoplasty. VY is different from the older technique, the bifid scrotoplasty. I preferred a VY scrotoplasty for myself, so that was something I looked for in a surgeon. This technique would be roughly the same whether you were having transgender phalloplasty (phallo) or metoidioplasty (meta).

I have many more detailed posts on these in the blog section, but I thought it would be nice to bring them to one place.