Gallery: Voice surgery

I had voice surgery with Dr. Simon Best, Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health, in coordination with director Dr. Devin O’Brien-Coon.

My voice was immediately two octaves lower after thyroplasty – type II laryngoplasty. I’ve never heard anyone call this “FTM voice surgery”, but I’ll include it just in case it helps someone find this.

I had been on T for many years, and it had lowered my voice– but not enough to pass. I was straining and injuring my voice trying to speak in a safe, normal range for my gender now. I had developed a medical dysphonia struggling to speak post T. I love Simon Best and his expert voice therapist, Ashley Davis SLP at Johns Hopkins. From beginning to end, it could not have been a better, more affirming and supportive experience.

I want to add some voice clips eventually; they’re in the detailed blog posts. Let’s just say I don’t have to think about my voice anymore. I can just speak and be myself. Did the surgery hurt? Yeah. Not the worst. It’s just hard to be silent for a long time during healing– I made it 2.5 weeks. I didn’t speak much for a month. My voice just feels… normal now.