Gallery: Top Surgery

I guess I was just feelin’ pretty when I took these photos. Chest emphasis pics, post-op double incision mastectomy with free-graft nipples. “Free graft” means my nipples were totally disconnected, resized, then repositioned. Bye Vanilla Wafers, hello lucky nickels~! Ha, it does not mean it cost me nothing.

I’m nonbinary, but I think people are still calling this “FTM top surgery”. I hope this helps folks consider their options. Oh hey, I know I don’t have the perkiest nipples; that’s because I opted out of chest drains during healing unwisely, so my nipples totally flattened.

When I got my penis tattooed with pigment, I had my nipples gone over to match the color tone. Because I’m that extra. Did it hurt? Heck yeah, haha. But it was only a couple minutes. It took about… ten days of serious recovery and six weeks of taking it real easy to recover from top surgery.