Phalloplasty & wound healing technology doodles

Drawings that went into the Dermal Regeneration Template info-doodle~ Background: DRT or Integra? The most common brand name of DRT is Integra, and that’s what most people will call a DRT. However, I’m not here to rep a brand specifically, so I’m going to try to avoid referring to the technology by brand name unless… Continue reading Phalloplasty & wound healing technology doodles

Integra for RFF Phalloplasty #trans

Made a new info-doodle this week about “dermal regeneration templates”(DRT) a wound healing technology. Some people find it a helpful option to research. A common brand discussed is Integra, but that’s not the only type. DRTs guide tissue growth to reduce scar contracture, among other benefits. There are pros and cons, and I respect t… Continue reading Integra for RFF Phalloplasty #trans

Day 1, trans voice lowering surgery

Day 1 past voice lowering surgery, also known as voice masculinization surgery Swallowing is much harder today, since the swelling moved to the inside of my throat. It is sometimes hard to breathe, so they are keeping me in the hospital another day. I try to walk, but I am unsteady without being able to… Continue reading Day 1, trans voice lowering surgery