Phallo Staging Infographic

Graphic checklist of phallo staging - planning the options I remember at one point being so overwhelmed by how many options there were for deciding what I wanted vs what I did not want in phalloplasty. So, I put together my mental checklist for each stage in this visual format. Stage 1 - deciding which… Continue reading Phallo Staging Infographic

Glansplasty for transgender phalloplasty

Do you want to talk about glansplasty? I drew a common technique. Glansplasty is a surgery which builds the shape of the glans. The glans is called the head. Glansplasty is associated with transgender phalloplasty. It is a gender affirming procedure for trans men and nonbinary people. However, some people with phalloplasty will not have… Continue reading Glansplasty for transgender phalloplasty