Phalloplasty & wound healing technology doodles

Drawings that went into the Dermal Regeneration Template info-doodle~ Background: DRT or Integra? The most common brand name of DRT is Integra, and that’s what most people will call a DRT. However, I’m not here to rep a brand specifically, so I’m going to try to avoid referring to the technology by brand name unless… Continue reading Phalloplasty & wound healing technology doodles

Integra for RFF Phalloplasty #trans

Made a new info-doodle this week about “dermal regeneration templates”(DRT) a wound healing technology. Some people find it a helpful option to research. A common brand discussed is Integra, but that’s not the only type. DRTs guide tissue growth to reduce scar contracture, among other benefits. There are pros and cons, and I respect t… Continue reading Integra for RFF Phalloplasty #trans

Top surgery scar care, Tape v No Tape

There are a few things going on in this post. A while back I had a top surgery revision. It removed dog ears-- that is, when the skin below the incision starts buckling upward. This work was not done by Dr. Coon or Johns Hopkins. However-- when I had the revision, I decided this was… Continue reading Top surgery scar care, Tape v No Tape